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                                                                       ACES ON THE WESTERN FRONT REMARQUE 

This superb Remarque of 109s at full throttle as they roar into battle once more is an excellent example of Roberts unique style to capture the moment for us collectors to hang and admire, having seen only a few remarques on this particular print, its safe to say this is the best one so far, The print is also a popular piece in its own right with the beach and monastery gives it an interesting background not often portrayed, 

if any one has more to add we would like to see them uploaded onto this forum for all to admire,                                                                  


The ancient Norman monastery on Mont St. Michel provides the majestic backdrop as a group of Me109s race across the coast returning to their forward base in northern France after a fighter sweep across the English Channel in early 1941.

During the spring of 1941 almost all of the great Luftwaffe fighter leaders duelled across the English Channel on a daily basis with RAF Fighter Command. But the Abbey of Mont St Michel has seen it all before: built by the Normans on a solid rock of granite rising 250 feet out of the sea, this ancient monastery has witnessed conflict over almost a thousand years. It now plays backdrop to Robert Taylor’s iconic painting.

The Signatures

Each print is signed by four of the great Luftwaffe Aces.

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                                                                                   EAGLES OF THE WEST BY ROBERT TAYLOR 


Its been a little while since we have seen a new colour release by Robert Taylor and although its probably fair to assume we are not likely to see many more as Robert takes a step back from the glory days,, it makes this more important to think about these remaining releases and what collectors are hoping to see as the portfolio draws to its conclusion, This particular piece eagles of the west is certainly smaller in edition sizes and overall image size, but what a spectacular image depicting Bf 109s in flight over the island Mont-saint-Michel, Having been captured in the image Aces on the Western front these 2 prints would make for a superb set framed and hung together although i would have liked to have seen the image size the same to have made this more balanced, 

Aside from this, the print has got the hallmarks of a Robert Taylor classic and will certainly sell especially with lower numbers for collectors to scrabble over, along with the Tribute editions for those with a little more expenditure these should make an interesting piece within any collection,,



As part of his long legacy in portraying scenes from the Battle of Britain, Robert Taylor, who personally knew and was friends with many of the leading protagonists involved, has created this beautiful work titled Eagles of the West. As if to confirm his reputation as the world’s leading aviation artist, on this occasion Robert features the Luftwaffe’s leading Battle of Britain Ace – Helmut Wick. Recently promoted Gruppenkommandeur of I./JG2 ‘Richthofen’, Wick is seen leading a group of Bf109s back to their base in Normandy following a sweep over the English Channel and Normandy coast during the closing stages of the battle.

Providing a fitting backdrop to Wick and his Bf109s is the magical island of Mont-Saint-Michel, the most famous landmark on the French coast, whose ancient abbey, built by the Normans many centuries before, has witnessed many invading armies come and go. Now radiant in the early evening sunlight in a style that only Robert can capture, the abbey’s soaring gravity-defying walls will, in time, once again witness the passing of the current conflict and those, like Wick, whose time was fleeting. Following a further promotion to Major not long after and appointed Geschwaderkommodore of JG2 – the youngest Luftwaffe officer to hold such a position – Wick’s luck ran out. On 28 November 1940, a few weeks after the battle had ended, he was shot down and killed in an encounter with Spitfires near the Isle of Wight.

Complementing Robert’s work and adding great historic interest for collectors, every print in the edition carries the original signatures of some of the most famous Luftwaffe Aces who fought in the Battle of Britain. This is likely to be a landmark edition from the world’s most collected aviation artist with a line-up of signatories that will never be repeated. Although sadly no longer with us, their names remain a powerful reminder of the mighty force that went into battle with the best of Fighter Command.


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