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Aces High Gallery

The world's foremost specialists in Aviation Art

Aces High Gallery is often referred to as the world’s foremost specialists in Aviation and Military Fine Art with major Galleries in the UK, USA, and France.  It was early October when a forum contributor mentioned he needed to pick up some freshly framed prints and asked us at Flying High Aviation to tag along and gladly, we accepted.

Aces High Gallery

The gallery is situated in the historic market town of Wendover nestling beneath the beautiful Chiltern Hills within easy reach of London. If like us and have a soft spot for Robert and Richard Taylor’s work, there is plenty of ample opportunity to acquire many unique pieces – from original pencil drawings, to remarques and framed pieces.

As a mail-order specialist they are able to cater to literally any budget, offering greetings cards, calendars and posters to historically important original paintings with a huge range of signed limited edition prints in between.

The gallery offers a strong connection to the Military Gallery which has been publishing fine art since early 1975 and has definitely Brought passion into the world of aviation and military fine art – making it part of their DNA. For more than twenty-five years, Aces High has been the leading name within the world of aviation and military fine art and respected not for only the quality of their service, but also for the wide and varied range of products – a feature that stems from original, yet ambitious desire to champion only very best in the genre.

As you enter the door to Aces High Gallery, you are greeted by an unforgettable site and instantaneously submerged in a world of aviation and military fine art, a heavenly commonplace for like-minded collectors – many of which can be found within the forum community – a common place for highly enthusiastic fellow collectors in Aviation Art.

Aces High offers a wide range of affordable items alongside an array of sought after originals from renowned artists such as Robert Taylor and many more. You can view more by visiting their website.

Framing – If your like us, over the years we have seen many highly collectible prints ruined or devalued by poor quality framing. It is very important that all work is framed to full conservation standards, something that Aces excel themselves particularly well on. One of the reasons behind this is perfectly combined approach of years of experience with the use of the latest technology to produce the best end results. 

Why we like the framing by Aces

  • Only acid free materials used throughout
  • Conservation mounting of prints (using acid free corner mounts with no sticking or tape)
  • Choice of standard, non-reflective or conservation glass
  • Use of acid free barrier board
  • All work and frames made to order – not mass produced
  • Carried out work from simple mounting to custom made displays; including wings, medals, additional signatures etc – all to conservation standards
  • Guaranteed, insured delivery service available

Examples of Aces latest work – fresh out and ready for collection

Aces High Gallery
Aces High Gallery

(Left) – Newly framed Remarque print by Robert Taylor and (right) – one of the newest releases from Robert Taylor’s icons of Flight Collection

One striking feature to be noticed within the gallery is the toilet door, profoundly like no other by which Aces High has acquired signatures from some of the most respected and sought after aviation and military world war two veterans and probably now considered one of the most expensive assets held within the building itself. 

Another striking concept was the light chord which featured a sign stating ‘Please pull a piece of history…..’ original WWII shell casing found on Utah Beach in Normandy.  

Aces High Gallery
Aces High Gallery

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